In The Mood For Italian Food?

Check out Campo Di Fiori, a local hidden gem on Bloor St just east of Islington. If you’re in mood for true, authentic Italian then stop in and say hi to Fabio and Claudia, a husband and wife duo from Rome who will be delighted to take care of you. We’ve recently had the opportunity to indulge in a few of their homemade pastas and simple entrees and can assure you they will not disappoint!

Supporting The Paul Nusca Team Is Supporting Our Community!

Getting exceptional results from your realtor and feeling good about your choice in representation should go hand in hand. The community where I work is also the community where I raise my own family. Because of this, I believe strongly that giving back to the community is not charity, it is my responsibility. Sponsoring over $5000 to five local school fun fairs last May is just one way your support in me in turn goes back to supporting our community.

In Need Of A New Car? Check Out Our Local Islington Chrysler Dealership!

Islington Chrysler has been in the neighbourhood since 1960, on Dundas Street West, just east of Highway 427. A number of our team members and clients are well serviced by the family-owned, full line retailer of new and used vehicles.

The Rams Family have transformed their dealership from top-to-bottom with a recent multi-million dollar construction project. Their dedicated sales staff and factory-trained technicians are there to make your auto shopping experience fun, easy and financially advantageous.

Whether you want to design your own new vehicle at home, have them track down your favourite pre-owned car, or conveniently schedule your next service appointments, thank you for considering Islington Chrysler Dodge Jeep. More Info on Spring Lease Specials at Islington Chysler.

Paul Nusca And Andrea Morrison Team Merger!

We are delighted to announce the merger of the Paul Nusca and Andrea Morrison Real Estate Teams. Together this will strengthen our proven lifetime track records and continue to offer the highest standards of real estate excellence. Andrea is a Hall of Fame Lifetime Member with Royal LePage’s National Chairman’s Club. We are thrilled about this proactive merger and look forward to business as usual!

After The Sale Checklist

If you own your present home:

  • Call the Gas & Electric companies & let them know you are moving and arrange to have the meters read on the appropriate date
  • If your water heater is rented, arrange for the transfer of the rental agreement to the new owners
  • Instruct your heating oil supplier to fill the tank on the appropriate date
  • Advise telephone and cable TV companies of your move and have them discount their services on the appropriate date
  • Advise your present service companies of your new address so final billings may be directed to you

If you rent your present home:

  • Give necessary written notice to your landlord, and make arrangements for the return of any money you may have on deposit

At your new home:

  • Make arrangements with the gas and electric utilities, telephone and cable TV to be connected on the day the sale closes


  • Obtain a “change of address” card from the post office and send it out well in advance
  • Have the post office forward your mail to your new address
  • Arrange for services at your new house
  • Transfer trust or bank accounts and securities – obtain a letter of information from your current bank to help establish new accounts
  • Inform all creditors (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) of your new address and the date it becomes effective (don’t forget per-authorized payments)
  • Arrange the transfer of medical, dental, prescription and optical records
  • Garage Sale – consider having one to dispose of unwanted clothes and furnishings
  • Safely dispose of all flammable liquids as it is illegal for movers to carry them
  • Driver’s License – change of address as of the day you move
  • Arrange with your lawyer access to the keys of your new home
  • Obtain a supply of boxes for moving and perhaps device a colour code system for the various room designations
  • Leave a note in the house with your address for the new occupants so they can forward your mail

Tips On Preparing Your Home For A Showing

Exterior Inspection:

  • Cut Grass & Pull Weeds
  • Stain or Paint Deck/Porch
  • Secure Railings on Deck/Porch
  • Clear Snow & Ice off Driveway in the Winter
  • Patch Holes on Driveway/Front Entrance
  • Repair Front Steps if necessary
  • Ensure Door Bell Rings
  • Wash Windows and Woodwork
  • Repair Peeled and Chipped Paint on Doors and Trim
  • Repair Cracked Windows & Broken Screens
  • Ensure Garage Remote Control Opener Works
  • Remove Clutter From Garage
  • Clean Garage Floors and Doors

Interior Inspection:

  • Clean & Wax All Floors
  • Clean All Rugs & Broadloom
  • Repaint/Clean Walls
  • Ensure Woodwork is Free of Scruffs
  • Wash All Windows
  • Curtains & Drapes Should Look Crisp & Clean
  • Get Rid of Clutter – Organize Rooms and Closets
  • All Faucets & Toilets Should Be Working Properly
  • All Drains Should Drain Easily
  • All Mechanics & Appliances Should Be In Good Working Order
  • Burned Out Lights Replaced
  • Squeaky Doors Oiled
  • No Leaks or Musty Odor in Basement
  • Clean Appliances
  • Clean & Polish Sinks, Taps & Countertops
  • Repair Broken or Loose Tiles
  • Clean or Replace Shower Curtains
  • Mirrors & Fixtures Should Be Cleaned & Polished
  • Towels Clean & Matching
  • All Garbage’s Emptied

Right Before Showing:

  • All Lights Turned On
  • Air Conditioner Turned On In Warmer Weather
  • Fireplace Lit In Cooler Weather
  • Drapes Opened During Daylight
  • Carpets Freshly vacuumed
  • Home Clean & Tidy

Neighbourhood Spotlight: Harry’s Steak House

If you have not had the chance to try the west end’s open grill at Harry’s Steak House, you are missing out! Book your reservations now for Valentine’s day or Family Day Weekend. Conveniently located at 3277 Bloor Street West, head over early to enjoy the ambiance and tasty cocktails at the bar. Aside from their juicy steaks, the seafood and veggies are also delicious. Corey & Pat will make sure to take care of you and don’t forget to ask them about the extensive wine list!

Click for Harry’s Steak House Full Website


Community Corner: 1-800-Got-Junk Toronto

Preparing to sell your home can be a lot of physical work, especially if you’ve lived in your home for many years. It’s amazing the amount of stuff that can accumulate.

Whether you are thinking of buying, selling, renting or just decluttering your home, we have a promo code to assist you.

Book with 1-800-Got-Junk Toronto and mention the promo code YOUMOVEME65 or see the attached $65 coupon below for a discount on their services.

Click to Download a $65 coupon

Website: 1-800-GOT-JUNK

With Spring just around the corner, now is a good time to get ahead of Spring Cleaning. There is no expiry with this offer, and what better way to have all the items that no longer bring you joy taken away! For more tips on decluttering your home, check out the new hit Netflix show, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.

Q1 2019 Market Update

2018 brought new lending requirements which affected affordability for first-time home buyers. As an existing homeowner, if you don’t have anyone to buy your house, you can’t move up or move over. This contributed to a shortage in listings, which decreased sales 16.1% from 2017.

Interestingly, the average condo price is up 7.8% from 2017. However, housing affordability is unlikely to improve as home-ownership costs relative to median incomes will continue to rise.

Toronto immigration will continue to have an impact on the market as we are a big destination on a global scale – the average amount of people moving into the GTA is about 100,000 a year and keeps growing! Further, in the GTA, 700,000 millennials will be in the market for a home in the next decade, according to OREA. Therefore, RLP expects the GTA market to see modest gains, with home prices rising 1.3% in 2019.

With an overall slowing global economy and falling stock markets, the central banks are rethinking rate increases as RBC has dropped its fixed-term mortgage rate to 3.74. Canadians with variable-rate mortgages will also likely be spared being hit with higher monthly costs. By the end of 2019, RBC is projecting that “owning a home will take up 79 per cent of the median household income” in Toronto.

Click below to check out our local market reports for The Kingsway, Sunnylea and Thorncrest Village.

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Let Spring Cleaning Come Naturally

Did you known that your  home can sparkle this spring without using any chemicals? Choose from a wide array of Eco friendly cleaners on the market or simply make your own with household ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice. Here are a few tips to help you become a natural when it comes to spring cleaning:

The Bathroom

Want to bring out a natural shine to your sinks, toilets and tubs? Create a Gentle scouring paste by mixing 4 tbsp baking soda with 1 tbsp water, sprinkle some salt or baking soda into the sink or tub and use the cut end of half a fresh lemon as a scrubby-pad. Rinse with hot water and your ceramics will be gleaming! Undiluted lemon juice can also be helpful with dissolving soap scum and hard water deposits.

The Kitchen

Vinegar, a natural antibacterial, has a high acid content, making it a perfect alternative to caustic cleaners for the kitchen. Mix together 1 part water to 1 part vinegar in a new spray bottle, and you have a natural solution that will clean your stove tops, appliances, countertops (except marble), and floors! For stains that are tough to get out, try adding a touch of baking soda to the mix.

To remove finger marks from stainless steel appliances use a microfiber cloth or a dab of baby oil on a clean cloth. For microwaves, put a few slices of fresh lemon in an uncovered bowl of water and cook on high for around three minutes. Grease and dirt should wipe away easily.


Let the sunshine in by washing away winter’s grime. Fill a bucket with 25 per cent vinegar and 75 per cent warm water. Put on rubber gloves and soak an old cotton towel in the solution. Rub on windows, and then scrunch up some old newspapers to buff up a shine. If there are any streaks, simply finish off with a dry cloth.

Fabrics & Carpets

Have a fabric stain that won’t seem to come out? Dab some white winegar onto the stain followed by a mild soap solutions such as all natural dish washing liquid water. Rinse with a clean damp cloth and blot with a dry towel. Salt can also be used to soak up fresh carpet stains, such as red wine, coffee or ink. Simply pour salt on the wet stain, let dry, and then vacuum. Natural ingredients can not only get rid of stains, they’ll help eliminate odors from fabrics too!