Need Help Moving? Call Simply Home Downsizing!

Are you thinking of downsizing but are stressed thinking about it! Simply Home Downsizing professionally & skillfully handles every detail of the downsizing and organizing process so you can relax and have peace of mind!

They help with Downsizing, by coordinating the entire process, starting with a floor plan of your new place to see what will fit! Their team will pack up your personal items and allocate unwanted items for charity or disposal! De-cluttering, as we know it is difficult to part with some personal items, Simply Home’s caring team can help by finding loving homes for these items. Organizing, Simply Home will help you establish simply items that you can confidently maintain going forward. Staging, they will simply stage your new home to stand alone or in conjunction with a complete downsizing project. Moving, Packing & Unpacking, Simply Home offers end-to-end moving services; they carefully pack your valued possessions and oversee the movers on “move day” and unpack all your cherished items. Lastly, Estate Clearing, their end-to-end services include managing and overseeing efficient and cost effective ways to clear the entire contents of a home – they will help you navigate this difficult time with the utmost respect and discretion.

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Neighbourhood Spotlight: Blo Blow Dry Bar

Get ready to be Blo-wn away Etobicoke!

Blo Blow Dry Bar’s moto is: “Your not cheating on your hairdresser”. No, seriously, Blo is North America’s original blow dry bar, with 130 locations making it the largest blo dry bar franchise. We are spotlighting the newest and cutest hot pink hair spot to open in Etobicoke, Blo Etobicoke is now open at 165 North Queen St. (within the Walmart/Winners shopping plaza). They specialize in, No cuts no colour: just wash, blo and go! Guests can choose from their seven signature styles featured in the Blo Hair Menu and they offer Makeup services as well.

Blo Etobicoke’s franchise partner, Andrea Lombardi is a working mom of two. She knows all too well how consuming being a working professional and a new mom can be. She opened Blo Etobicoke because she wants to provide women of all ages, in all different “chapters” of their lives, the chance to enjoy some self-care and walk out feeling refreshed, confident and gorgeous – all while flaunting fantastic hair!

Blo Etobicoke features Workday Blo outs on Mondays & Tuesdays, “Mommy Mondays” and welcomes brides, bachelorette parties or just a night out with your besties!

They are tickled pink to treat your tresses and are open seven days a week. Give them a try and let them Blo you away!

Walk-in’s subject to availability, appointments strongly recommended.

Q3 Market Update

9,989 home sales were reported through TREB’s MLS in May 2019, jumping almost 19% from May 2018! May sales were the highest on a seasonally adjusted basis since December 2017, up roughly 10% from April which had a 16.8% jump in year-over-year sales. The average selling price for all home types combined was up 3.6% over the same period. Lack of supply continues to be an ongoing concern as year-over-year growth in new listings under 1% was significantly outpaced by sales. Hopefully the Housing Supply Action Plan will improve the situation and increase supply.

Recession risk is low in Canada and Ontario is in a good spot. The CEO of BMO has recently said the risk of a recession this year is “relatively low”. Darryl White points to the data, which shows no signs of a recession thanks to good employment rates, inflation, and consumer credit quality. In addition, he expects the country’s GDP to grow by 1.5% by the end of 2019. White points out that Toronto’s market has been “steadying” and White thinks the market is “a lot healthier than some people think it is.”

Further, condo prices are up 50% in 3 years according to Urbanation. That’s 147,000 condos sold in past 3 years. The average downtown condo price is greater than $1000 per sqft, meaning $100,000+ income is required to buy an average unit… There are 123,000 new condos in development, with the condo vacancy rate only 0.7%! In addition, the average condo rent in Toronto is now $2376 per month.

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7 Things To Keep In Mind For Your Next Renovation

  1. Make A List of What You Want to Change
  • Look at websites and magazines for inspiration! Write down what you like and why you like it, and look online at your local home store to get a price estimate. Then make a list, by ranking each item in order of what you want to get done first.
  1. Consider Your Resources
  • Time, budget and energy. It is important to take into consideration the amount of time, money and energy that you’ll have to dedicate to your project.
  1. Set A Budget
  • Once you figure out what your budget is, subtract 20-30% from this number and set it aside for contingencies.
  1. Sketch It Out
  • A rough sketch of the layout of the space will help you narrow down fixtures, cabinets and storage option you’d like to incorporate
  1. Measure Everything More Than Once
  • Taking time to measure things twice will help you ensure that you don’t need to make costly returns or corrections
  1. Replace The Underlayment
  • If you’re ripping up flooring and fixtures, consider replacing the underlayment. Not only  does this allow you to start fresh but helps ensure they’re will be no water damage, which most commonly occurs in a humid bathroom
  1. Reduce The Impact of the Renovation
  • Moving your stuff into rooms that aren’t being renovated before the work begins will help you, ensuring you are not stressing about finding an item in a messy partly renovated room!

Renovating Your Bathoom? Here Are The Top Trends In Bathroom Renovations Right Now

After kitchens, the bathroom is the second most popular room in the house to remodel!

The master bath takes the center stage of the bathrooms in the home!

  • 61% of homeowners who are renovating their master bathroom are choosing to start from scratch after gutting the entire existing bathroom!

Who needs a bathtub?

  • The older the homeowner, the more likely they are to skip a bathtub in master and other full bathrooms

Top 3 types of tubs for bath lovers?

  1. Freestanding tub
  2. Drop-in tub
  3. Spa or jetted tub

One Sink or Two?

  • 45% of homeowners aged 25-44 are installing two sinks; 58% of homeowners aged 45+ are installing two sinks

GLASS RULES THE MASTER BATH – 79% of homeowners prefer glass shower doors over a shower curtain

Greener Flushing – 91% of homeowners are installing high-efficiency toilets


White Cabinets Are The Top Choice For Renovations! Although dark and medium wood tones are also popular!



Why Are Homeowners Renovating?

  1. To Upgrade Features and Fixtures
  2. To Make Space More Functional
  3. To Increase Home Value
  4. To Address Changing Lifestyle or Family Needs
  5. To Improve Organization or Storage

First Time Buyer? Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Get Ready To Purchase Your First Home!

  1. Get Your Credit in Shape
  • If you are planning on financing your home purchase, check your credit history. That way you can correct any errors and boost your credit score!
  1. Get Pre-Approved for A Mortgage
  • Early in your home search, you should meet with a mortgage lender who will take a look at your credit history, your savings, and investment statements and your current financial situation, and give you a better picture of what you can afford and the financing options available.
  1. Establish Your Budget
  • Whether you’re financing your purchase or paying cash, it helps to establish a budget. This will help you focus your search on great homes within your price range.
  1. Make A List
  • Make a list of your ideal home’s must haves and deal breakers. This will help you narrow your search so that you can find a home that fits your current and future needs.
  1. Think About Resale
  • The average homeowner lives in their home for nine years. While you may purchase your home as a long-term investment, keep in mind that you may need to sell it one day. Consider homes resale value, when considering properties.

Selling Your Home? Here Are Some Tips For You!

  1. Clear The Clutter!
  • Before putting your home on the market, clear the clutter that has been accumulating over the years. Tackle one room at a time and divide your items into three piles: keep, donate and toss!
  1. Get Packing!
  • Although you won’t want to pack everything right away, it helps to start boxing up some items that you know you want to keep but won’t be needing for a while, some of these items may include seasonal belongings, such as sports equipment or seasonal clothing! You should also consider packing up some sentimental and valuable items, this will prevent your valuables from being damaged. The less items in your home, the easier it will make it for a potential buyer to see themselves living in your home!
  1. Research The Local Market
  • Knowing how much the homes in your neighbourhood are selling for and how long they’ve stayed on the market can help you gauge your homes value and estimate a time frame for the sale.
  1. Repair & Improve
  • Boost your homes curb appeal by doing minor repairs and improvements to both the inside and outside of your home. Tackle necessary repairs, such as painting, replacing light fixtures and replacing appliances that are damaged or out of date. And, of course don’t forget to ensure your home is clean!
  1. Be Realistic
  • Having realistic expectations for selling your home will help to relieve some of the stress of selling.

Spring Market Report!

As of April 2019 sales across the General Toronto Area have rose 16.8 per cent compared to the previous year. Selling activity has picked up across all property types, with detached homes rising at the fastest rate of 21.9 per cent. Although the average selling price has slipped a bit in April, the average selling price for all properties has inched up 1.9 per cent over the past year. While sales were up compared to the previous year, in April, it is important to note that they remain well below April levels for most of the past decade.

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Community Corner: Apps for Home Repairs and Maintenance

Booking home repairs and maintenance tasks is a hassle for all of us, at one time or another. Fortunately, there are now some new apps on the market that are designed to take the headache out of caring for your home. Whether your faucet is leaking, or pests have invaded your home, these new apps will very likely take care of the problem.

This Canadian-made app calls itself a “one-stop solution” for all your home care needs. It listens to your requests, searches for experts who have been carefully vetted, collects quotes, and schedules a time to get the task done. Setter has even helped a homeowner get a cat down from a tree, so no task is too odd for the company. The app is currently only available in Toronto and San Francisco but plans to expand to the rest of Canada and the U.S. are underway. (

The team behind Jiffy believes that home maintenance should be easy breezy. That’s why they’ve created a web and mobile platform that lets homeowners seamlessly book an expert and compare pricing when it comes to those small jobs that are hard to get a tradesperson to come and fix, such as a broken toilet handle, a sticky door lock, or a light switch that doesn’t work. Jiffy even takes care of payment and invoicing. The app is available in Toronto and Ottawa, and is currently being rolled out to the rest of the country. (

Much like the aforementioned apps, AskForTask lets you schedule “taskers” who are insured, verifi ed and highly rated. All you have to do is post the task on the app, use the instant price estimator tool to determine how much the task will cost, and wait for a certifi ed tasker in your area to accept the job. AskForTask is available in most major cities across Canada. (

Community Corner: Daily Bread Food Bank

As a local business, we always give back to our community and our neighbours who need it most. Over the holidays, we were humbled in donating a list of necessities to the Daily Bread Food Bank. Your support in our team helps us assist those in need, so thank you.

If you would like to donate, food items can be dropped off at any local fire hall across Toronto throughout the year!

We are once again thankful to our family and friends for their loyalty and continued trust in us as their preferred referral source.

We’d love for you to share your experience with us in a Google Review.

New In Office Staging!

We are excited to announce our affiliation with The Style & Staging House Inc. Two seasoned realtors on our team started this company to better service the needs of our clients. Staging has become an integral part of selling your home therefore making it a critical entity when prepping your home for the market.

This is a full-service staging company that offers furniture storage, complimentary staging consults, and handpicked furniture to enhance the décor of a seller’s home. It’s important to stay up to date with the current trends, and working exclusively with The Style & Staging House will ensure that each property is styled to it’s highest potential. In return, we will strive to help you achieve the maximum sale price for your home.